Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Cards

I have never been one of those guys who goes out and buys a card when I know I can make my own. This is one fine example of what I mean by doing it by hand. Doing this with your own hands makes it more personal and sometimes suffices for both a card and a gift. It's not that I'm cheap or nothing, I just believe it means more i you cater a card for someone special.

Now as to technique, I did this a little different from my normal way by using a crow quill pen for the inking and then the watercolor. I did the lettering with a pen after I had watercolored and inked everything else. This process was slow but well worth it in the end. Hopefully she liked it!!??

This whole process has gotten me thinking...Perhaps I should do "Card" commissions as I have a real knack for this. So..If you know anyone out there who might need a special card that the regular card industry can't provide, send them my way.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just a taste...

Here is just a taste of my digital painting technique done with the aide of the ol'Mighty Photoshop. This particular image was for my Facebook profile and is part of my series of depicting myself in a witty manner. Examples like: Indiana Mark, Mark Cola....

If you visit this site PLEASE leave a comment even if it just to say "Hi" as I just want to know who comes by to visit this blogsite. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Self Facing

This is a New Year with many possibilities at least that is what I keep trying to remind myself when I feel lo about things. Right now I'm working in a retail store for low money which is ok that I have a job but a little bit humbling as I hoped to have a job using my artistic talent. I am lucky though to have a job in these hard economic times, so I'm not complaining.

This image is a play on proportions to my own tried and true face. I hope no one thinks this is how I really look as it just not a true representation of me...or maybe it is!?!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Being Sick

I did ths awhile back on vacation when I inevitably came down with a cold. Doesn't always happen when you least want one!! I tried to use the color in a simpler method by only doing a light, middle and sparse dark ares of color. I like trying different ways to use the watercolors in order to get a better understanding of the effects of color.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Noah"s Ark Mishap

Happy New Year everyone!!

Maybe this year will be the year I finally live my dream as being a paid artist! Well until then (and even when I'm a Big time Artist!) I will keep on drawing.

The above image is self explanatory (I hope?!?) and I did this once again in my handy dandy moleskin sketchbook for fun. I actually started by drawing one giraffe and the image just evolved from there. It amazes me how it just came together...I think the bears are my favorite. Let me know what you think.