Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Ninija Turtles


I have been bored lately after moving back home to Jacksonville, FL and for some unknown reason the Ninja turtles got stuck in my head. Perhaps I am reminiscing my childhood or I just wanted to give myself some sort of manifestation to channel my depression...Oh well! Either way I think the image looks cool.

Let me explain the picture to you all: (From Left to Right)

Leo: I imagined the Turtles after their teenage years and Splinter is passed to that sensi heaven so now Leo has become their new sensi and leader. I think at this point in his life Leo has become a pacifist and more like a buhdist monk. That doesn't mean he won't fight or use a sword but instead he will try to resolve the conflict with words instead of action. Don't be fooled though he still carries a sword...Its in his walking stick.

Don: I imagine Don is still an inventor and scientist. I almost see him as like the Beast in the X-Men. Out of all the Turtles he is the one who wears clothes as he is trying to assimilate more to humans. He is holding his new bow staff in his hand which will pop open to a larger size.

Mikey: The skater/surfer guy and the all-a-round funny guy. I imagine out of all of the turtles he would be the one to get tattoos...I'm thinking tribal. He also wears a head band and has stickers of skater/surfer designs on his shell.

Raph: The only Turtle who still wears his mask and still trains for fights. I imagine he is all scarred up due to fighting and still slightly bitter at not being leader. The more serious one of them all.

OK...I know...I'm a geek! I admit it.

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Danielle said...

Dude, you like went way into depth with this... cool though Mikey looks like a spaz in the back i cracked up when I saw his expression